English books and papers by Ole Vedfelt

Books in English

Vedfelt, Ole (2017) A Guide to the World of Dreams  – An Integrative Approach to Dreamwork. Routledge. London & New York.

Vedfelt, Ole. (2000, 2002) The Dimensions of Dreams. The Nature Function an Interpretation of dreams. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. UK


Papers in English

Vedfelt, Ole (2016) Psychosis as a Means to Individuation – A case of severe psychosis healed through working with dreams, active imagination and transference. Presentation at the 20th Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology, Kyoto (Einsiedeln Switzerland. Daimon Verlag 2017)

Vedfelt, Ole (2014): The Phenomenology of the Spirit in Childhood Memories. Early Numinous Experiences in a Desacralized World. IN: Copenhagen 2013. 100 Years On: Origins Innovations and Controversies. Proceedings of the 19th Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology. Ed. Emilija Kiehl. Daimon Verlag. Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Vedfelt, Ole (2009): Cultivating Feelings through Working with Dreams. IN: Jung Journal: Culture  & Psyche, Volume 3, Number 4, pp. 88–102. San Francisco.

Vedfelt, Ole: (2004) Dreams as Unconscious Intelligence – A cybernetic theory. Conference paper. 21st Annual International Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. Available as CD at  the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Central Office.

Vedfelt, Ole (2001): Dreams Working Attitudes. Multidimensional Dream Understanding and Bodily Associations. IN: Cambridge 2001 Proceedings of The Fifteenth International. Congress for Analytical Psychology. Daimon Verlag, Schweiz.

Vedfelt, Ole (2001): The supramodal space A missing link between body, soul and spirit. Conference paper. Conference on Body-psychotherapy. Institute for Biosynthesis. Zürich

Vedfelt, Ole (2000): Consciousness – Introduction to Cybernetic Psychology. IN: Energy & Character, International J. Biosynthesis – Somatic Psychotherapy (Part 1, April, pp. 38-55) (Part 2, August, pp. 42-61). Zürich.

Vedfelt, Ole (1999): The Dreams Many Faces. Conference paper for The International Association for the Study of Dreams. Univ. of California, Santa Cruz. Papers with English abstracts in PsychInfo

Vedfelt, Ole (2011): Spiritual Childhood Experiences and How They are Influenced by the Child´s Close Relationships. IN: Mysticism in Philosophy, Religion and Literature. Univers. Copenhagen

Vedfelt, Ole (2008): Dreams and theory of Science. IN: Psyke & Logos, Psychological Publishers, 2008, 29, p. 310-355.

Vedfelt, Ole (2008): Religious peak-experiences in transpersonal psychodynamic and cybernetic perspective IN: Psyke & Logos, No. 2. Danish Psychological Publishers, Copenhagen.

Vedfelt, Ole (2000): Partpersonalities, objectrelations and cybernetic network theory IN: Psyke & Logos, No. 2. Psychological Publishers, Copenhagen.

Vedfelt, Ole (1991): The Nature of Dreams. IN: Psyke og Logos No. 1, pp. 21-42. Copenhagen.


Major books in other languages than English.

Vedfelt, Ole (1996): Consciousness – The Levels of Consciousness.  Editions in Danish, German and Polish.

Vedfelt, Ole (2000, 2002): Unconscious Intelligence. You know more than you think. Danish and Swedish editions.

Vedfelt, Ole (2003): Manden og hans indre kvinder.  (The Man and his Inner Women) Gyldendal, Copenhagen.